Sunday, June 25, 2017

Our Only Hope Is In Jesus

Can you count yourself righteous and innocent?

I will wash my hands in innocence; So I will go about Your altar, O Lord, That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving, And tell of all Your wondrous works. – Psalm 26:6-7

I must admit that when I read Psalm 26, in order to write this devotional, I wasn’t sure how to approach it. I certainly could not claim any innocence or righteous vindication for myself. In fact, overwhelmingly, I felt as though I did not measure up. To ask God to examine and prove me, as the Psalmist does, would be presumptive. To claim that I have not sat with idolatrous mortals, or among hypocrites, or among evil-doers is the exact proof that I cannot wash my hands in innocence. Even in my best attempts at righteousness I fall short.

Jesus can stand in my place and on my behalf. He perfectly fulfills all of the requirements of righteousness and innocence. His heart can be tried and proven. He sat among idolatrous mortals, hypocrites and evil-doers when He was in the flesh, but He did not partake in their acts. Even in the midst of bloodthirsty men whose minds were continually upon unclean and unrighteous things, Jesus remained holy, righteous and innocent. He was the perfect sacrificial lamb without blemish. The giving of His life on the cross provided the atonement and justification necessary for those who believe on His name.

Through His death and resurrection, the righteousness of Jesus is imputed to those who are called by His name. That means that though you are undeserving, unrighteous and without innocence, your account will be credited with the righteousness and innocence of Jesus. Without His imputed righteousness paid on your behalf, you will be judged and given the fitting reward based on your actions rather than those of your savior.

Focus: Humbly express your gratitude to your savior, Jesus, for paying your debt of sin on your behalf by lifting your voice in thanksgiving and telling of His wondrous works.

 For further study: Psalm 26